Innovative Packaging

Custom Component and Package Design.

 Innovation as a key to Sustainability.


Supply Chain Management

Access a Pandemic Proof Strategy to keep up with your demands.

 Virtually unlimited manufacturing options.


Quality Control 

Holding strict quality management of each step. 

Consistent results for any challenges.

Your Own Office 

Flexible services to your specific demands. 

Tracking each process in real-time.


Trading Expertise

Important partnerships with packaging manufacturers that strongly rely on good practices on both sides.

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Professional Team across Nations

The team located in different countries embrace cultural differences among Europe, Asia, and America, works united towards focused goal and efficiency.

Collaborated cooperation between the sales force, technical support, quality control, design, and marketing specialists all lead to great results.

Strict Quality and Delivery Management

We practice business relationships based on responsible long-term collaboration and mutual interests.

Our strict quality and delivery management ensure operations are in line with client expectations.

Tailored-made Packaging Solution

Premium Pack Ltd. helps companies to identify individual needs and amplify unique features/ Each project is being managed with an open-minded plan, honesty, and constant immediate feedback exchange to make sure details are in the right direction.

Major markets we serve for:

  • Beauty & Cosmetics 

  • Professional SPA

  • Bathroom & Toiletry 

  • Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Supplements​

Premium Pack Ltd. offers:

  • Bring all project details together and present a customizable solution from the product idea, manufacturing process, quality control, to delivery to cover specific requirements.

  • Build reliable partnership with packaging manufacturers that are strongly based on understanding and good practices on both sides.

  • Analyze specific business and market trends to provide the best solution possible for projects.

  • Provide packaging simulation to visualize concept design. To enhance brand identity, it can be achieved by logo changing, new part tooling, or special color treatment. Before any decision is made, Premium Pack simulates all sorts of circumstances for the client to opt for the most cost-effective solution.


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Premium Pack Ltd.'s mission is to meet any client expectations and take on any challenges.  

Performing as your own office in a remote location that involves hard steps to make in this Pandemic and post Pandemic times.   


The trading expertise in China built a strong feature: important partnerships with packaging manufacturers that strongly rely on good practices on both sides.  

A valued service: holding strict quality management of each step.   

As a Supply Chain Management, our goal is to ensure that operations are in line with the goals of the client company. 


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Office: +86-575-82169929

Mobile: +86-1373-5320292

International mobile: +972-523-271793


No. 3 building, Treasure Square, Baiguan town, Shangyu City, Zhejiang, China

Yue Hing Building,103 Hennessy Road, 

Wan Chai, Hong Kong

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